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A creative city

Arts and culture are a formative and creative driving force in society. Creative people are the source of new job opportunities. The Independence Party wants to create positive incentives for progress and value creation in Reykjavik. We need to ensure that public systems encourage – rather than inhibit – entrepreneurship and initiative in the city.


We want Reykjavik to be a progressive and exciting option for everybody and become a world‑class city of culture. A vibrant cultural life attracts people from all over the world, boosting both business and activity in the city.


We intend to start work on setting up a dance hall in cooperation with the Icelandic State, taking inspiration from other Nordic countries.


The grassroots work of artists in Reykjavik needs even greater support, and funds such as the Culture Fund and the City Festival Fund need to be bolstered.


Most artists in Iceland are self‑employed. We need to improve professional work spaces and facilities for artists, e.g. at Korpúlfsstaðir and other sites.

We intend to make arts, crafts and technology a more significant part of studies. We want to give all children equal opportunities to develop their talents and prepare them for the future.

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