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A child‑friendly city

We would like to see Reykjavik become an outstanding city for families. We need to provide a child‑friendly environment and equal opportunities for all children to develop their talents.


We intend to ensure there are nursery‑school places available for all children from the age of 12 months. We need to bridge the gap between parental leave and nursery school.

We intend to ensure healthy school facilities for the children of Reykjavik.


We intend to give larger workplaces the flexibility to open crèches or nursery schools for the children of their employees, in order to better help those parents struggling to return to work following childbirth and to create greater flexibility.


We intend to give a parental grant of ISK 200,000 per month to parents who choose to stay at home with their children after their parental leave, up to the age of two.


We are ambitious for our schools and want to get Reykjavik’s primary schools into the Top 10 in the OECD by 2040.

We intend to make arts, crafts and technology a more significant part of studies. We want to give all children equal opportunities to develop their talents and prepare them for the future.


We intend to increase the value of the Reykjavik Leisure Card to ISK 70,000 per year and ensure it is available to children from the age of 5.


We intend to prioritise the development of sports facilities for the city’s children and young people.

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