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The Independence Party wants to give people freedom and diverse transport options. One mode of transport must not exclude another – the future is freedom of choice and flexibility.


We intend to start development of the Sundabraut project at the very start of the new term of office, as is it an economically profitable transport project.


We want to begin developing high‑quality public transport based on efficiency and effectiveness.


We want to ensure people have a free choice of transport with different modes of transport working together and not against each other.


We intend to ambitiously implement the City of Reykjavik’s cycling plan and further promote cycling as a means of transport in the city.

We are strongly committed to greater traffic safety for all modes of transport. Safety can be improved at dangerous intersections with solutions such as tunnels.


We want to encourage variable start times for the working day at the city’s largest workplaces, in order to diffuse road congestion and ease traffic.


We want to further promote the sharing economy in transport and work with the market to increase the number of shared cars in the city.

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