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We would like to see Reykjavik become an outstanding city for families. We need to provide a child‑friendly environment and equal opportunities for all children to develop their talents.


The housing problems that have accumulated in Reykjavik over many years need to be addressed. We need to embark on large‑scale housing development throughout the city, focusing on various types of housing for people of all ages.


The Independence Party wants to give people freedom and diverse transport options. One mode of transport must not exclude another – the future is freedom of choice and flexibility.

Sound finances

What does Reykjavik need to be able to provide you with high‑quality services, an exciting urban environment and low taxes? The answer is very simple: an efficient system of administration and sound finances.


Hildur Björnsdóttir

Head of the Independence Party list in Reykjavik

Hildur Björnsdóttir is a member of the Reykjavik City Council. She is a 35‑year‑old lawyer and political scientist. She was second on the electoral list of the Independence Party in the city council elections of 2018 and has been a member of Reykjavik City Council since then.


She has three children: Björn Helgi (11), Kristín Sólveig (7) and Katrín Ólöf (5). She is married to lawyer Jón Skaftason.

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Hildur Björnsdóttir

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Ragnhildur Alda

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Kjartan Magnússon

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Marta Guðjónsdóttir

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Björn Gíslason

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Friðjón R. Friðjónsson

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Helgi Áss Grétarsson

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Sandra Hlíf Ocares

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Jórunn Pála Jónasdóttir

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Birna Hafstein

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Egill Þór Jónsson

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Þorkell Sigurlaugsson

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Helga Margrét Marzellíusardóttir

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