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Life-long welfare

The Independence Party wants to ensure welfare services that improve quality of life, promote activity and give all residents the opportunity to live with dignity. With the support of private initiative, we can expand the range of available options and meet diverse needs.


We intend to ensure development of a quality‑of‑life hub for older Reykjavik residents, where homes, shops, social life and various services are accessible in one place.

We intend to raise the income threshold for property‑tax deduction for those 67 years and older. This means that you will be able to earn an extra ISK 1,800,000 per year without your property‑tax deductions being affected.


We want to better support health promotion for senior citizens, as statistics show that increased physical activity affects health and quality of life in old age.

We want to make it possible for people to live at home for as long as they choose. This requires high‑quality and coordinated home care and home nursing.


We intend to pursue a development drive for nursing facilities in the city in collaboration with the Icelandic State.


We want to see a diverse range of welfare service operations and believe welfare technology has an important role to play in ensuring security and better facilities in the homes of the elderly.

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